Chamath Palihapitiya’s Two SPACs With No Merger Targets – IPOD and IPOF

The king of SPACs, Chamath Palihapitiya, has recently filed for seven new SPAC names with the Securities and Exchange Commission through his company the Social Capital Hedosophia Investment Group. As expected they are Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings VII through XIII and will likely correspond with the ticker symbols IPOG through IPOM. Following his previous trend, Palihapitiya has previously claimed to have reserved ticker symbols from IPOA all the way to IPOZ.

It is still too early to think about the seven new SPACs as no initial registration statements (S-1s) have been filed. So we don’t know the board members, when they will go public or how much they are looking to raise.

However speculatively this has people talking about what this means for IPOD and IPOF. The two SPACs Chamath has yet to announce merger targets for. This is not only fuelled by his new filings but also speculation based on his tweets from the past month.

These tweets fit the early speculation that Chamath would be targeting an EV related company for one of his two remaining SPACs. This was also followed by a bizarre tweet from one of the SPAC board members.

The most talked about speculation is that IPOF may merge with Silano Nano Technologies. As it fits in the range of what IPOF’s trust likely has the capital to go for, as well as the type of company the current board members are suited to target. Although all this still remains highly speculative. So for the time being, we are for the most part still completely in the dark.


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